Welcome to Two Wheel Tubby

Welcome to Two Wheel Tubby, my new cycling blog. TWT is written by a “real” cyclist – someone who hasn’t got all the latest kit, doesn’t squirt energy gels into their mouth for a race, but for whom cycling is a real passion and enjoyable pastime.

So, why “Two Wheel Tubby”? Well, this is me. I’m an amateur cyclist with a bit of podge in the middle. Team jerseys and lycra were not built with me in mind. I first got into cycling as a way of saving money and losing a bit of weight. The weight has started to shift, but I’m still tubbier than the average rider on two wheels. 100-mile sportives are not yet within my reach. Primarily, I cycle as part of my commute to work; otherwise, I enjoy leisurely rides and exploring new places on two wheels. I like meeting fellow cyclists, getting fresh air and enjoying my sport. Like most other hobbies, cycling is better done by “getting out there” than endlessly talking about it.

I started this blog to chart my progress, review products that I find helpful and offer a forum for fellow leisure cyclists to chat and share opinions. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.


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