Riding in the Cold

Suddenly, the weather seems to have turned, and it’s now very cold on my morning commute. This will be the first winter I’ve ever ridden through, and I’ve eagerly been buying bits and pieces to see me through. So far, I can manage with some 3/4 length trousers, a jacket and some extra shorts underneath – and some full finger gloves, but I was feeling the wind a bit this morning.

My ride to work is only about 3 miles long each way, so by no means any great distance, but it does contain a couple of hills – one of which is particularly nasty for a beginner. I think bemused pedestrians have taken to calling me the “sweary red man” as I puff and pant past them. I have enough time to work up a sweat and I’m usually out of breath when I reach the station (which is at the top of the hill). It’s not a bad ride in all, mostly along a shared cycle path – but the hill is on a road and I frequently have drivers tail me close behind or come within an inch of me as they pass close.

I’ve lost about a stone in the last 8 weeks of doing this, and vowed that this would be weight loss through exercise rather than dieting. 6 miles a day may not seem like much, but for a beginner, it’s an achievable amount that is already having positive effects.


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