A Proper Soaking

Today was my turn for a proper soaking. The weather, of late, has been a consistent downpour. I’ve never been more grateful for some waterproof kit – it saved me on the Tarka Trail, and its been getting a good workout lately as well.

Not content with that, I was pedalling along a shared cycle path late last night, lit up like a Christmas tree, when all of a sudden a huge 4×4 came down the road in the opposite direction right alongside me. It ploughed straight through a huge puddle – more of a lake than anything else – and sent the whole lot over me like a tidal wave. For a moment, it was like I was surfing on a bicycle. Somehow, I managed to keep my balance – but I was very lucky to escape injury.

From the way he drove, I’m pretty sure it was deliberate. He saw the puddle, he saw me and saw the opportunity to “get one over a cyclist”. I’m sure it made him laugh all the way. Of course, I didn’t get his registration, so he has completely got away with it. However, in something that gives me a sort of smug glow, apart from a little bit of a splash on my face, I didn’t get wet at all. Despite the wave of water, my bog-standard Altura waterproofs saved the day.

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