Back on the Bike

According to Strava, it’s been a whole 10 days since I was last on my bike. A combination of office parties and freezing cold weather has meant I’ve either been walking or taking the car – and, if I’m honest, I’ve been a bit of a wuss about it.

Today, I did my usual commute (3mi) and found that so much of the form and fitness I’d built up in the previous months had just gone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m starting out over again, but it’s nowhere near as good. I was puffing and panting by the time I got to the station. This is what a combination of a sedentary life and bad diet did to me in just a couple of weeks – two of the main reasons I got on a bike in the first place!

Eat what you like, drink what you like, but stay on your bike!


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