Tarka Trail Redux

By the time you read this, TWT and Mrs Tubby will have taken Tubbette down to Devon for a week’s caravan holiday. If it’s anything like last year, it will have been a struggle to persuade Mrs T to allow me to take my bike down, but she’s a bit more amenable now that I’ve got the trailer and can take Tubbette with me on my little jaunts.

Last year’s highlight was the Tarka Trail – a near 40-mile trail combining some stunning cycle path at the top end and some appalling singletrack at the bottom. The leaflets warned me about this last year, and I damn nearly finished myself off pushing all the way down to Meath – but the sense of satisfaction as Dartmoor hoved into view was immense.


The views along the trail were superb – so much so that Mrs T has agreed to get on a hire bike again for this year and is suggesting a tandem. She didn’t seem so keen when I pointed out that meant she would have to pedal too…

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