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TWTs New Year

I didn’t blog much over the Christmas or New Year period because of a distinct lack of cycling on my part. This was, in part, due to the appalling weather and flooding all around me, which would surely have put off even the most determined of cyclists! Despite having nearly three weeks off work, I managed barely a handful of rides – but at least what I did manage was more than my standard commute. So, in the past few weeks I have:

1) Invested in a Turbo Trainer during the sales. I picked up a Tacx Satori Pro with mat, DVD and stand for £149.99, down from almost £350 from Decathlon, far cheaper than even online stores had it. I’ll post about my experiences on this another time, but this was my way of stopping Mrs Tubby always whinging about me going out on my bike.

2) Joined a small Social Cycling group that I met on the GoSkyRide website, which meets up every Sunday. I completed my first ride with theme and (just) about managed to keep up on my clunky hybrid. Riding with others is so much more fun, and I aim to join a proper club later this year.

3) I decided to do the Sport Relief ride in London in March – just the 25mi course, though!

4) I cycled from Central London all the way out to the M25 boundary, taking in all the major tourist sites along the way.

5) I cancelled my Sky Sports subscription owing to wall-to-wall darts coverage, football and a compete lack of cycling coverage, despite Sky sponsoring one of the strongest pro teams in the world! Ironically, just as I did that! they’ve started covering the Tour Down Under…

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