Two Wheel Tubby is a personal blog about one slightly overweight person’s life on a bike. I’m not a hardened Rapha Condor-wearing cyclist, clad in all the latest gear and venturing out on 150-mile Sportive rides for fun – I’m just a regular guy, pedalling around on a sub-£400 hybrid bike for fun, around various regions of Britain. Originally from London, I’m now based in the South-East just outside.

I originally got into cycling as a way of saving money on car parking, and then thought – “Hey, I could use this to lose weight too!” Sure enough, within a couple of months, the weight started to drop off noticeably. I’m still Tubby, but nowhere near as much as I once was, and I haven’t had to touch a diet or skip a cream cake at all. I still resemble the Weight Watchers “Before” picture, rather than the “After” (you know, the one where they hold up those huge empty jeans you could stuff a whale into), but I’m much healthier and happier than I’ve been in a long time.

I didn’t save much money (I found that cycling is a bit of a sink-hole for your cash), but I sure had a lot of fun. Now, I go everywhere with my little Pinnacle Cobalt. I don’t break records, win races or grace magazine articles with my cycling prowess. I just get out there, enjoy my riding and see where it takes me.

For those interested, I’m married to Mrs Tubby and we have one Tiny Tubby. Neither of them cycle.


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